Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yikes Nukes

I love the way politics works (note a strong tone of sarcasm). When climate change is finally put on the agenda it is suddenly synonymous with nuclear power and the need to export Australia's large uranium deposits to countries with great track records of human rights advocacy like China and India. (note Downers' comments re the new export policy of uranium to China "they (China) will be held accountable". Mmmmm China, accountable?

The answer to climate change is not nuclear energy (no matter how many times I hear how safe it is now- methinks the lady protests too much perhaps?) neither is the answer as simple as buying energy efficient light bulbs and white goods. The answer is hard to stomach for many but exciting and hopeful for others. It is radical and a huge societal shift. I think that when people realize that they may have to step out of a positivist epoch and come to terms with the fact that technology 'ain't goona save you' they may be ready to face the New Order. What is this New Order? Well take a look at Ted Trainer . It is about a society not fiscally driven, about simplifying, about the rejection of an affluent/consumer lifestyle on the grounds that such a lifestyle is immoral/ unethical on a global scale. It is also about being fulfilled by living more simply. About finding satisfaction in growing one's own food and being part of a community.
Check these out...

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Jason said...

The link to Ted Trainer is absolutely fascinating. One of his comments in "Debt, Interest and Money" says "money is simply created out of nothing when banks grant loans". It sounds ridiculous, but it is actually true. Look into it.

I recently bought the Permaculture DVD from ABC Gardening Australia. It has really practical info on basic food production and permaculture principles. Worth taking a look at too. Rach & Alex, I'll send it to you soon.

Jane said...

Hey Rach,
I'm totally down with you on this one. It just comes back to greed, hey? More water, more power, more stuff...and it doesn't make us happier, we just want more. I want a voice to be heard that says we need to use less. Ted Trainer, Rach and Al's eco-farm - show us the way! Meanwhile, I'll continue to try and squeeze every bit out of the bottle.