Thursday, July 13, 2006

the movies and the moon. sublime.

My first evening to myself. No baby. No husband. No driver. Just me and the unfathomable edible full moon that surfaced. I drove listening to Iron and Wine and Calexico. the music of adventures. and the moon the moon the moon.
It was a strange and surreal experience walking the streets of a suburb I used to know so well. No pram. no baby on hip. felt like an important piece of my body had been left behind. The movie and company were spectacular, but it was perhaps the moon and the night walk that made it all worth while.
If I ever had an edginess I've sadly lost it. I had to ask if it was safe to walk back to my car! Me, who used to walk those same streets all night in an insomniac haze, scarred of nothing but my dark self that refused to rest.

Walking I whiffed the detergenty smell of share-houses washing up, heard music escaping through crevices, and
saw lights dimming. and I could nearly live there again, be that caffeine fuelled frantic again but then there's the moon the moon the moon. and i'm reminded of my insignificance but reminded of His significance. and all there is is the moon and the possibilities and the drive home.