Thursday, September 28, 2006

My favorite time of day.

Currently my favorite time of day is reading Oscar a book before bed. He rests his back against me and a miracle takes place- he actually sits still! Sometimes I really have to work it to keep his concentration by singing a song about a picture in the book or by using funny voices for the characters (there is a particular book where I have every animal with a different British accent - Alex is usually in stitches in the other room!)

We really had to work hard to get him to appreciate books . He used to think they were only fun if they had flaps and though Spot is a great book I needed a bit more variation to keep my concentration.

His all time favorite is:
Though My favorite is perhaps:

What was your favorite book as a child? Mine was quite funny.....


Emma said...

I really loved "Dinosaurs! Beware!", "Son of Dracula" and this ancient version my Dad has of "The Night Before Christmas."

Hecta said...

Agapanthus! She was a naughty girl which I found both alluring and frightening.