Monday, September 04, 2006

I heart Banksy

The one on the West Bank wall, would have to be my favourite.


Andrew Beeston said...

Have you seen his "rats"? I took a day around London to find them - they're awesome.

Also, he recently did the whole Paris Hilton CD - redo. Oh man that's some dang funny stuff right there.

Ants said...

Hey it's Andrew Beeston! Man that guy is the hotness. You're pretty fortunate to have that guy commenting on your blog :) He's soooo cool.

Ladies said...

Hey yes, in regards to the ladies, Andrew Beeston is all upons.

As for Banksy - his video of him doing that whole "Paris Hilton" thing is cool. It's on Youtube. <-- his website!

Rachel said...

Hi Beestons!

Yeah I love the rats.

Thanks for the link I meant to put it in but forgot. His wesite rocks. I hope the coppers never catch him- what a shame it would be. We have a few of his zines at home.

Yeah any paris hilton anarchy I'm up for....!