Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm very excited!

I'm about to start a monthly Steiner- craft mamas group.

This is something I've wanted to do for ages and when I saw Rosie's beautiful handmade doll on the weekend that was the clincher for me that it was time.

I love the idea of raising my child/ren with natural handmade imaginative toys rather than commercial plastic toys that leave no room for the child to use their imagination and often foster commercialism or TV watching.

The Steiner doll will be our fisrt project (pictured above) which is an amazing concept of a doll made with minimal identifying features so that the child's imagination will not be restricted and also so the child may be able to project any of their emotions onto the doll.

The pretend food made out of felt pictured above may also be another project.

What was your favorite toy as a child?


byron said...


Imaginative flexibility, but for different reasons. Although the trend towards more 'specialist' pieces in the last decade or so is a mistake: means that you can build fewer things with them.

Rachel said...

Yeah Alex said something similar that when he saw lego castle or lego pirate sets it took the fun out of lego.

Have you seen the Scandanavian film "Together"? There is a really funny scene with two boys; one has just entered the hippy commune and one grew up there, the hippy boy says "Wow you've got Lego. Real Lego"?

normal boy says "sure doesn't everyone?

Hippy boy "My dad tried making me some once but he only made two pieces"

anyways had me in stitches.

Anne said...

yeah i was really disappointed with the way Lego latched onto all the TV fads.

anyway- makes me think- my family has heaps of lego somewhere- i hope they didn't lose it when they moved house-

and do you know what Adam said to me once? "I bet you were one of those lego kids" and i said "Yep you're right".

We had such elaborate stories going- or to be more accurate, my elder sister Louise had elaborate stories going- I still remember the names of the different families in Greenville where they lived. There was a lake made of blue material too, on which pirates were stationed, and Robin Hood in the forest as well- but we mainly liked the houses- that's where most of the stories were.

michael jensen said...

You should come to Legoland in the UK! WOW!

Btw, love to have some more of your comments on my YOU book if you have a moment!

Hecta said...

My favourite in lower primary was our swing set. Its bits attached with chains that you could easily take on and off or adjust in length and we had a couple of planks and some old curtains etc. It was frequently a pirate ship.