Wednesday, November 22, 2006


This little family is going through some (little) transitions at the moment. We are learning to Trust in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. Which is i guess what trusting is actually all about. So in a matter of weeks I may have 1. no job, 2. a job that I'm semi-excited about, 3. a job that I'm very excited about BUT am also freaked out by, 4. Some other job that well... pays the bills...

and in amongst the chaos and the plans I've been doing some dumb stuff like yesterday I was sure that my car had been stolen at a rather large complex only to have the very nice security guard walk me around the entire carpark until I found the car by which time I had told him all about peak oil and how it probably would be better for everyone if the car was stolen and written off never to be driven again. Right before we spotted my car I said to him "Razoul why are we even making new cars, new roads, new freeways..." Poor Razoul. anyway his "I'm not sure lady" replies were enough for me.


Dave Lankshear said...

Oh dear! ;-)
You've got it as bad as me! :-) :-)

Ha ha ha! I have to laugh.
Yep, it's a spin out, especially if you watch End of Suburbia too many times and end up fixated. Cars, plastics, food, planes, anything can set me off.

Hey, I forgot to put my name and email address down for the Barnies peak oil list. Should I bother? Is it mainly for Barnies people?

Anyway, I'm in the thick of it again up at Sydney Anglicans. Be nice if a theology paper ever comes out on the moral imperatives of peak oil, etc. Catch you round, it was nice to see you all. Sorry i was so exhausted after the camp and slightly over excited. I felt like Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America".... "I am so VERY happy to BE HERE!" :-)

Emma said...

hey rach,

have been so out of the blogging world that i missed your last two posts! they are beeeudiful. poor you and the car though... there is a book to be written about that.

which ones are all these jobs that you have!?

aanyway, see you at the much-anticipated and very exciting baptismo this evening!

love em

Bohemian Girl said...

you have such a beautiful family.

Dave Lankshear said...

Hi Rachel,
if you or any mates have a digital set-top box, ABC2 are repeating the 4 Corners on peak oil this Wednesday night the 20th December. Nice thing to watch before Christmas, ho ho ho!

It examines the case for an early peak in a fair way, and seems to side for an early peak.
The consequences are not spelt out other than some opening and closing scenes from Mad Max, so not too encouraging there. I think EOS has it about right.

Can you let the Barnies email list know?

Az & Loz said...

Dear Rachel, Alex and little Oscar,
We wanted to wish you all a really wonderful christmas but unfortunately couldn't find your email address. We hope your day was filled with peace and hope.
lots of love
Azadeh and lorien