Thursday, October 19, 2006

Revolutionary healthcare model!

When a dream takes hold of you...
We cannot separate the health of the individual from the health of the family, the community, and the world.
Much more than simply a medical center, the Gesundheit! Facility will be a microcosm of life, integrating medical care with farming, arts and crafts, performing arts, education, nature, recreation, friendship and fun.
Gesundheit! has grown out of a deep concern for the quality of peoples' lives. We want to subvert greed and selfishness and replace them with compassion and care.
We don't want to be a Band-Aid for ailing health care; we want to change the system, to bring about a peaceful revolution.
-Patch Adams
Ted came over last night really excited about his discovery of
Patch Adams and I have to agree his vision for healthcare is Good! Disregard the Hollywood movie and check it out!


Felicity Nash said...

Happy birthday, Rachel. Hope you had lots of fun.

Jason said...

Happy birthday Rachel.

Some "Permaculture-inspired ideas for healthcare after peak oil"

The links down at the bottom are worth checking out too.

Rachel said...

Thanks Felicity- ou should get a blog happening...

Thanks for the link Jason I will have to check out!

Jason said...

Hi Rachel,
Your blog entry is dated the day after Patch Adams was speaking in Sydney. Did Ted go? What did he 'rave' about?

Felicity said...

I know nothing about the lecture... but I thought the Hollywood film was quite nice.