Monday, October 16, 2006

27 things to do in my 27th year...

So I turn 27 in a week or so...

1. Finally get to Galiwinku

2. Facilitate dialogue in Christian communities Re climate change and Peak Oil.

3. Ride a Red Bike in Paris (not likely)

4. Get published (really not likely)

5. Shop predominately at Alfalfa House

6. Get my Steiner Craft toy-making group for mamas off the ground...

7. Facilitate discussion about THIS BOOK at my church and ways to incorporate some of the ideas...

8. Do a felting course

9. Learn to swim

10. Drink margaritas (nikki, jane and anne this one includes you!)

11. create my own zine.

12. get a new job...

13. Do every activity in my book "360 free activities for your toddler".

14. give up caffeine. for good.

15. become one of those kind of people that know where everything in their house is kept or is at any given time.

16. Attempt to not buy one more trashy magazine. ever again. or at least for one year. oh dear.

17. Go on a retreat.

18. Get fit and flexible.

19. create some imperfect crappy messy art. and not care that is crappy messy imperfect.

20. Go somewhere and stay the night... on my own (for the first time since the birth of O).

21. Finally go to Melboune and visit AZ .

22. Read the entire Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe series

23. Pull out the sewing machine and do something with it...

24. learn how to design and maintain a website so I don't have to use blogger...

25. s l o w d o w n

26. get a puppy (hey Alex there is always my birthday....???!!!)

27. Go a whole week (or two) without eating sugar ( i wonder if I would die from withdrawal?).


byron said...

Great list Rachel - let us know if and when you cross some off!

#9 You never learned? I guess most would consider it sad. Personally, I think swimming's overrated, though Jess would kill me for saying it.

#22 Do it - you won't regret it. Even if it takes you till O is a little older and you can read them together. (and learn to live with the occasional embarrassing/semi-racist bits...)

Rachel said...

Nope can't 'swim' in the sense of doing laps of freestyle but I have my own thing going on where I somehow make it up and down the length of the pool without putting my headunder water and I get really puffed. Might feel (less embarassed) more inspired to go thepool if I could look as graceful as everyone else.

yeah have read some of the series but would like to read them ALL and in a row one day soon.

Niphal said...

Good work Rachel :)

#1 - I don't understand what you mean by "get into" it...

#2 - Not sure if you have seen but : here some people are talking :)

#9 - Awesome :D You should teach O (or get him taught) at the same time... it's the perfect excuse, plus it's helpful for #18 too. You should do it while you're at #17, and afterward do #12 which is #11 about #8. All organised! You can now #25.

andrew said...

Hi Rach,

Sounds like you've got the next few years sewn up!

I hear you with #25 ... ugh.

More than happy to join you on #2 & #7!

andrew said...

In reference to #7, you should have a chat with Di - she's the way in ...

byron said...

Back to #22, I suggest reading them in original publication order, not chronological order (which is how they are usually arranged). I think the themes develop better that way. Here's the order:

Jen M said...

As a medical professional (ie Lady Doctor)...and lolly-addict... I strongly urge you NOT to stop eating sugar (#27). It will only result in misery. Oh and you will surely die. Surely. I've never tested the theory myself however on the basis of my extensive HECS debt you can trust my advice.

Sugar is essential for cerebral functioning, general joy and the lifestyle dentists have become accustomed to.

Emma said...

Hi Rach,

So ambitious! I've already been 27 for seven and a halfish months... what have I achieved?

a blog...



Rachel said...

Andrew: we would love to coopt you to help out. maybe you could talk to alex re 'the end of suburbia' night that is still being organised.

Byron: thanks for that I have written it down.

Lady Doctor: hahaha you know a friend of mine who had been addicted to EVERY drug at some point said that banning sugar was the hardest of them all in terms of withdrawals. how weird.

Rachel said...

Em! my gosh felafals is the pinacle of acheivements. I have not even aspired to such. I am saving it till 28.

andrew said...
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andrew said...

I can testify to the supreme quality of the felafels! They are the result of a mighty kitchen wisdom.