Monday, October 08, 2007


well there has been a severe neglect of this blog on my part. sadly I can admit that I've sold out and have headed to the superficial world of facebook where you can buy fake things with real money and give them to your fake friends.

but there is another reason that there has been a long time between posts. and i'm not pregnant (thankyou Jesus!).

We are moving to East Timor in January 2008 as Alex has been offered a job with APHEDA (Union Aid Abroad) as a community development worker for Farmers' Unions.

all very exciting. all very scary.

more to come on this.....

ps if you are looking for me on facebook I go under the name 'Rachel Ariel'


Dreamy said...

How very exciting with East Timor!!!! I am sure it will be an amazing experience!

ps! I have a selfish wish that you will keep up this blog, because I enjoy reading your stories (I am not on Facebook...mostly out of principles).

Rachel said...

Hi dreamy T,

will i continue this blog? Oh it's so lovely that you read my blog and want to hear my stories. it reminds me that I'm real. and living.

but... the main thing that may stop me continuing this blog is that internet in East Timor is really pricey eg. $3 (US) for 15 minutes. I would prefer to keep this up than facebook if I had a choice though. and I will have a HUGE amount of time on my hands compared to now...

but the fact that you read inspires me T. It is like the affirming 'nod' that you've been heard in a conversation - that you're worth listening to... anyhow enough from me...

byron smith said...

I always read too. I love your rants.