Thursday, August 02, 2007

This Sunday

Some people think that God is in the details, but I have come to believe that God is in the bathroom.

-Anne Lamott "Traveling Mercies"

This Sunday at Glebe Cafe Church I will be facilitating a night of quiet reflection on the places and times that we've found God.
and the places and times we've looked but not found God.

or even the times when God has found us.

We will personally reflect on these 'places' where we've searched for God

or where God has searched for us

and anonymously share our experiences.

I am looking forward to this night. I am going to designate part of the building as areas for particular reflection such as "God in nature", "God in the bible", "God in humanity",
but I'm wondering if I should dedicate spaces for more ephemeral reflections such as "God in pain" or "God in humour"?
Alex suggested that I have an open slather area where people can make up a space.
For me I would have to say that God is in lone long car-trips home late at night when I am tired and the radio is that last thing I want over-crowding my full brain. in this dark silence i can call out to God, sing to God, laugh with God. and i can find comfort and solace.
Are there particular places/spaces that you search and find or search and don't find God?


Justin said...

Serious Question -- how do you come to realize that you found God in a place? Or how did you decide that you did not find God in another place?

These are categories I hear a bit, but I don't quite grasp.

Rachel said...

I'm not sure that you 'find' God but more are reminded of God


are forced to 'be still and know that I am God'.

This question is more about the searching than the finding. God is not in a single 'place' but sometimes it is just easier to see him in some 'places'.

ps I have a pile of the reflections that peole wrote on the night on my desk and they are very mving.