Wednesday, May 23, 2007

what happened?

So suddenly my posts about my life in the church (in five acts) disappeared...

I thought that no one would notice but some people did mention it in passing.

I took these posts off for numerous reasons - mainly because I was unsure that these rants were actually going to help anyone but myself - and my greatest worry was that they might actually be a hindrance to a person's volatile faith. so they are gone. but if you would like to hear some stories (and boy, I've got many!), give me a call or a comment and we'll have a coffee or a beer or a wine or someother (legal) addictive substance.

One day I may actually attempt a series and actually complete it before i get sued. or not.


byron said...

I was enjoying that series. I think it is possible to reflect on your experiences (including negative ones) and edify at the same time. Though you may know of specific reasons why it was better to pull them.

nico said...

i have a bottle of wine and lots of time. let's meet up and use them both.